Sunday, 2 December 2007

My Brain Hurts!

I've written about just about everything except my own games for a while now, so I figured I'd better put that right. My latest completed correspondence game at (3 days/move) really made my brain hurt.

I've never really settled on a defence to d4, and my response this time was the Tarrasch defence. Playing over the game, it looks much more comfortable a win than it really was. I won a pawn on move 20 due to an oversight by my opponent, but despite this stroke of luck I never felt comfortable during the whole game and was very relieved to eventually get the win.

Constructive criticism of my play is welcomed - and expected!

Btw - what is the latest technology for posting chess games on blogs these days? I would like something which allows me to add comments. Thanks.


drunknknite said...

I use Chess Publisher 2, it allows comments and variations.

It was a nice game, you converted your gift. Your play seemed a little stagnant, almost like you were afraid of things that were not there. You need more confidence in your plans.

Ryan Emmett said...

Thanks, I'll try out version 2.

After being gifted a pawn I was anxious not to screw up my chance. I think that correspondence games give me more time to worry about what my opponent might do! :)

Chess Teacher said...

On the methods to publish chess games are compared.

Chess Publisher 2 seems to be the new favorite, but is in fact the LT-PGN-VIEWER. Therefor it should be possible to use it in a more direct way.

Chess Teaching

Ryan Emmett said...

I can't get ChessPublisher2 to work at all. I enter my website url as it asks and when I hit save it just takes me back to the same screen again. I guess I'm not destined to use it... :(

happyhippo said...

that's odd. i got chess publisher 2 to work just fine for my blog.

The URL to enter is:

The user interface for chesspublisher is weird. if you login, it gives you the profile but there's no noticeable link back to the page where you can create your games (which is what you want).

For me, the only way was to hit the backspace key and go back until I see a strange user interface with just the line:

New Games | Edit Games | Get To Main Page | Login

And from there, you select "New Games" and you'll be good to go.

I believe Liquid Egg Product has mentioned some HTML tags in his blogs (you need to search the archives for it) which allows you to synch your comments with the chessboard so you don't need to do excessive scrolling.

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Ryan Emmett said...

Thanks happyhippo, but that's the page I'm using and it doesn't work. :(

Never mind, I'll try something else. Or I could just blog at my blog instead and knock this blog on the head.