Monday, 28 May 2007

Thanks to The Closet Grandmaster for highlighting the very promising new chess website,

So, apart from having the most desirable chess website address possible, what does offer? Well, it's designed to be a community based website with users actively contributing content. A lot of work has been done on the interface and it looks great - professional but friendly.

Membership is free and members are able to contribute to the community in many different ways. Apart from posting at the forum, members can also have their own chess blog on the site - a very nice feature! You can also upload chess related videos via YouTube and submit your own articles or news items.

You even get your own email address. How cool is that?!

At the moment, you can only play against a computer opponent at, but a facility for members to play against each other online is promised within the next few weeks.

There's loads more at the site as well, like daily puzzles to solve. So what is missing? YOU! is still in beta and is looking for members to join and try out the site, contribute content and report any bugs.

After trying it out myself for a few days I'm seriously impressed. has the potential to be the best community driven chess website around and I recommend it to all chess players.


Blue Devil Knight said...

I wonder who they had to kill to get that address.

dutchdefence said...

Looks promising! Thanks for the tip Ryan ;-)

Chess Thinker said...

Blue devil knight, I had the same thought! I wonder if they know what a great thing they have in their name. I wrote them to tell them that they just have to make sure the service is great... make it more user-friendly. The email thing is great. What is better than having I am going to campaign for all chess players to have an address like that. I have written a piece about at my blog, you can see it here