Saturday, 30 June 2007

Teaching my wife to play chess

I have been happily married to my wonderful wife Catherine (pictured) for 7 years and although she loves me, she doesn't share my passion for chess. As a result, she has tolerated my addiction with (mostly!) good humour but has never expressed any desire to share in my hobby - until now.

A few days ago, and quite out of the blue, Catherine decided that she needed a hobby and since I play chess, she thought playing chess would be a good idea since I could help teach her and we would share an interest.

I wasn't sure if she was really serious or not, but the next day she asked me when she could have her first lesson. I was happy to oblige and have now given her two lessons and she seems to be enjoying it. She's also reading The Immortal Game (which I recommended) to learn a bit about chess culture.

I'm not sure how to react to this turn of events. I feel like I might be about to become a living example of this humorous story! Has anyone else ever taught their partner to play chess? If so are you still together after the experience?!


dutchdefence said...

How nice of her :-)

Maybe now she'll learn to understand what drives us chess playing geeks ;-)

Blue Devil Knight said...

My wife agreed to play me blindfold. I don't think she enjoys it, but does it to humor me. You are lucky!

Anonymous said...

I used to play chess with my wife but as I progressed she lost interest quickly. So we tried "learning" games where I would question her poor moves. You can imagine how that worked out.

Now we never play.

SonofPearl said...

Very funny, Anonymous! I've no intention of playing my wife - she's much more competitive than I am! It wouldn't be a good idea...

Anyway, she's moved on to learning the piano now, so chess has been left behind! ;-)