Sunday, 14 October 2007

What sex is your brain?

Being male is supposed to be an advantage when it comes to chess. Or, more precisely, having a male brain. Male brains are, on average, better at dealing with logical and spacial problems, whilst female brains are better at verbal skills and judging emotion.

If you would like to try a series of tests to assess whether your brain is better at traditionally male or female activities, then try the fascinating link here.

Me? I did well in the angles test (19 out of 20), and the test where you have to mentally rotate a 3D shape and match it to others (11/12), which should mean that I have some of the skills needed to be a good chess player. I'll have to find another excuse for why I still suck...

Why not take the test and see how you score? You can't do worse than my 5/20 for empathy. Does that put me into sociopath category?!!

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Glenn Wilson said...

Thanks for this post and the link. I put up some of my test results at my blog: