Thursday, 12 July 2007

My Chess 'Den' Dreams

Thanks to my financial prudence and legendary miserliness I will shortly be moving from my current cramped 2 bedroomed home to a considerably bigger 4 bedroomed house. As my wife and I don't have any kids, there should be plenty of room for both of us to use for whatever we want.

Up till now, when I've played chess at home, I've had to squeeze into my spare bedroom, a.k.a. the study, the gym, the junk room etc. In our new home, I should be able to use one of the bedrooms as a chess 'den'. I'll be able to have all my chess books in their own bookcase and my chess board and pieces on permanent display ready to be used.

I'll just have to persuade my wife that a chess den is a good idea. A while ago that might have taken some serious coaxing and pleading on my part, but since my wife recently developed an interest in chess, it shouldn't be a problem!

So where do YOU play chess?


Dean said...

Hi, I only tend to play OTB chess at the local chess club or at tournaments. So the laptop sat on the settee is where I play most of my chess online. Dean

Ryan Emmett said...

Hi Dean.

I play online most of the time too, so I think I'll need to be able to set up my laptop with an internet connection in my chess den.

Despite this, I would like to have my real chess set on display and to use it whenever I can to play through games when reading chess books etc.

I just think there's something about a nice wooden chess set which makes a room look classy! :)

Dan Scoones said...

Having a proper working area dedicated to chess study is vital and even essential for improvement. Then it doesn't matter if it takes several sessions or even several days to play through a game.

Ryan Emmett said...

Thanks Dan.

I'd thought about having a chess 'den' as an extravagance, but I suppose it's really helpful - essential almost - if significant improvement to chess ability is to be made.